Advice for My List Users

With Classic ValleyCat’s upcoming retirement, we would like to help you move your “My Lists” from Classic ValleyCat to Enterprise ValleyCat. 
On your first login to Enterprise ValleyCat, your lists are automatically moved from Classic ValleyCat. Please be patient if you have large lists or more than one list, as this process can take time. If your lists don’t move, it means you logged in to Enterprise ValleyCat once in the past. Don’t fret, your lists are not lost forever. We can still move them using one of the methods below.

Automatic Migration
The easiest way to move your lists is to request a reset of the automatic migration. Resetting the migration requires us to coordinate with outside vendors, so we can only do it once. You can request a reset of the migration by following the link at the bottom of this article. All list migrations will be reset the week of November 18th. If you provide an email address, we will email you when the reset happens. 

Prior to the reset, you can continue maintaining Lists in Classic ValleyCat. After the reset, you’ll login to Enterprise ValleyCat and seamlessly move everything. If you have Lists in both catalogs, the migration will not overwrite or delete lists you already created. After migrating your lists, you will need to use Enterprise ValleyCat only. Any further changes in Classic ValleyCat will not be seen by Enterprise ValleyCat.

Email Your List
For patrons with shorter lists, or who want to get a head start using the new ValleyCat, another option is to email yourself the list, and use it as a reference to search the new ValleyCat and reconstruct the list. 

You can email your list from the My List screen by clicking on "Email this list." You will be asked to enter a subject for the email, and to enter the address you want it sent to. The list can be sent in a variety of formats. We recommend using the HTML option. The email will give you the title and author for each item on your list, providing a reference to search for the items in the new ValleyCat.

We recognize that these Lists are important and want to ensure you can access them after Classic ValleyCat’s retirement. Please note, if you want to keep your Lists you need to migrate them to Enterprise ValleyCat or email them to yourself prior to January 2, 2020. After that date we cannot guarantee access to the list. Thank you for your understanding. Contact your local library if you have any questions or need assistance.

Request a reset