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How to search this song index

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Song Title Search

1. Enter your keywords, seperated by spaces, in the My keywords are: text box. These will be searched in the song title field.

2. Under Search for..., select how the search words are to be searched:

3. You can limit the titles retrieved to those from a certain reference center by choosing that reference center from the list provided under Limit by library system.

Flexible Search

With this search, you can expand your search to fields other than the Song title. The others are: NOTE: not all song records in the database have values in the fields listed above. It is possible that the database includes songs written by George Spencer, but a search might not return songs by George Spencer if the records for those songs are incomplete -- i.e. if they do not include values in the Songwriter field.

The keywords that you enter in a single textbox will be searched as a boolean "and"; that is, only songs that contain all of the keywords you enter in the field that you select will be returned.

By using both text boxes, you can combine the results of two searches using the boolean "and" or the boolean "or". An example using the boolean "and" would be searching for "sweet mystery" in the Song title field, and "organ" in the Notes field to find a version of "Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life" with an arrangement for the organ.

Use the Notes field to locate songs in a different language, or with an arrangement for a particular instrument. Other information appears in the Notes field, like the name of the movie that the song appeared in. For example, a search for "here come waves" in the Notes field will return four songs that appeared in the movie "Here Come the Waves".