Note to the general public:

The collections that are indexed in this database belong to California library system reference centers and are used to provide the libraries in their systems with copies of sheet music requested by their patrons. The reference centers will not loan copies of sheet music directly to the public. The public can borrow copies of songs through their local library. Reference centers will loan copies of songs to any library under the conditions that are stated at the "who to contact" page.

In addition to being an index to song books in the collections of these reference centers, it is also an index to song books in general. If this song index identifies a book as containing the song that you are looking for, you may not need to contact one of the reference centers to obtain a copy. A library in your area may also own a copy of that book. It is also possible for your local library to borrow a copy of that book, or sometimes a copy of particular song in that book, from another library through interlibrary loan.

About this song index

The California Library Systems Cooperative Song Index is a online searchable database that enables the user to search the contents of books, magazines, and other collections of sheet music for a particular song title. The records in this databases have been contributed by six reference centers and one public library. These are:

The intended users of this song index are the staff of the public libraries belonging to the library systems represented by the reference centers just mentioned. However, library staff outside of this group can obtain copies of songs found in this database in two ways. First, they can check the holdings of their libraries, or other libraries whose collections they have access to, for one of the sources that contain the song. If this fails, then the second way would be to request a copy from the reference center who owns the item. More information about requesting items can be found here.

Other Resources: There are many other resources on the web that will help to track down the sheet music for a song. Links to some of these can be found at this web page. If you know of others, let us know and we will add them to the page.

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